The Wild Hogs

Rocking beyond expectations

The Wild Hogs have a wide range of great tunes, playing songs other cover bands are shying away from. Experience David Bowie, as the Hogs bring him back to life – get pumping to Blue Monday, sing along to Stereophonic's Dakota, or Radiohead's Creep and rock it out to the Chilli Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age or Motörhead. Whatever you're looking for, The Wild Hogs will take your event to the next level.


The Band


Andy Eldred

Andy from North Carolina, has a long playing history and has been rocking New Zealand for over 20 years. With his larger than life stage persona and great musicianship he will rock your socks off.


Jordan Tredray

Not just your average drummer, Jordan is capable of playing any genre, from Jazz to Metal, and he can smash a massive drum solo out too. Jordan is the backbone of the band, keeping the songs tight.


Brian Belluomini

Hailing from San Francisco, Brian's music background is as good as it gets. The man can make his guitar sing like a bird, or absolutely rip it up with the heaviest of riffs, not to mention his amazing solos.


Walter Wisler

All the way from Switzerland, Walter is as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. He's adapting to a variety of voice types to get the best out of the songs, bringing some past rock legends back to life.


Text from another musician to our drummer Jordan

“Thanks for putting on such a great night! So good to still have some live music happening in the Wairarapa. You guys were flawless! Really cool choice of songs, and ones that could only be pulled off by an incredibly polished band. The guitarist was truly superb, not only his playing but his tones were perfect for the style of music. Walter was epic and the subtle effects on his vocals made a big difference to the authenticity of the music. I haven't seen any of those guys play, so didn't know what to expect, I kinda figured it was going to be a simple old school blues band with hobby musicians that you were just helping out haha, but I was blown away by the level of musicianship and I'm stoked you're in a group with such quality musicians :) Surely you'll do some originals and put out an album?!!” TT

Comments from Facebook

“You were amazing!! Loved it. Best band I've heard here yet in all these parties we've come to.” A C
“You'd make Lemmy proud” – EG
“Thanks for another mean as night” – G & S F
“That was a cracking gig last night. Looking forward to the next one” – K ME
“You guys genuinely rocked! We'll be back.” – ST
“You guys were brilliant that night – highly recommended” – SRS
The Wild Hogs


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